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A deliberately false review! Scammers and blackmailers have become more active lately. ⚠️

Good day, dear customers.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in recent years, cases of unfounded reviews on monitoring sites have become more frequent.
Recently, many fraudsters and blackmailers have become more active.  All these reviews are written by the same bot with hidden data. There is no real basis and no evidence and is aimed at descrediting our exchange service.

In the support service such applicants do not apply, exchange number for which there is a claim - can not provide, to contact do not go. As a rule, this is a single review without feedback.

Mail for feedback, temporary or anonymous, as well as hidden ip of different countries.

Conclusion - deliberately false feedback on the site has no basis!


P.S: Their customers once again wanted to be reminded!!!

⚠️ Attention⚠️

Beware of fraudsters!

They can pass themselves off as employees of our company.

All exchanges are made strictly through the creation of requests on the site.

We are always ready to help our customers with payment requests, to answer basic questions.

Regards, CSC.

06.08.2021, 20:05