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AMLBot is an online service for checking crypto-assets for links to illegal activity.

📌Dear customers and guests of the site.📌
We would like to introduce you our new partner: AMLBot, an online service for checking crypto assets for connection with illegal activities. Helps small and medium crypto businesses fight fraud and financial crime.

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YouTube channel: YouTube.com canel 
Telegram group: AmlBot_group
AMLBot checks the specified purse address against known users in the blockchain. AMLBot conventionally groups such users into groups with different levels of risk of illegal activity. As a result of the check, the connections of the checked address with these groups are shown as a percentage. Based on all connections, an average risk score is given, which helps the user make further decisions about assets.
As part of our collaboration, one test check of crypto assets is available to all clients.
Go to @cryptoaml_bot
24.06.2021, 09:20