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Cardano ADA - easy to buy or sell!

Dear clients.

We've added support for one more cryptocurrency. Now you can easily and quickly sell or buy ADA using our service.

Cardano is a decentralized platform based on open-source smart contracts, launched in September 2017 by Blockchain Development Output (IOHK), a Hong Kong company. Based on the Cardano platform here is the Cardano coin, ADA, a cryptocurrency that can be purchased at CoinSpace.cash, at an attractive price and can be stored in a Daedalus wallet.

ADA is a cryptocurrency based on the Cardano platform. The developers believe that digital money such as ADA shows what money will be like in the future. It allows fast direct transfers with guaranteed security thanks to cryptography.

To use ADA, investors must use the Daedalus wallet, which is a hierarchical, deterministic, multi-platform, secure wallet designed specifically for this cryptocurrency. The wallet is easy to install and allows you to view everything and even search for transactions.

Project official website - Сardano.org

11.04.2021, 18:18