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We would like to present you our partner, the CoursExpert service! 🤝

Dear clients of our cryptocurrency exchange service!

We would like to bring to your attention our partner, the service of searching for the most favorable exchange rates of electronic currencies, the interactive analyzer KursExpert. On this website, besides information about exchangers, you can find everything related to electronic currencies, banks, payment systems, money transfers and cash currency markets. This is the first interactive currency analyzer in the CIS, which adapts to you and can even in some way "communicate" with you. You can find more detailed information about the principle of work and possibilities of the service at https://kurs.expert.

If you use an exchanger to replenish your wallet or withdraw electronic money to your bank card, but exchange rates are not satisfactory to you or you want to find more favorable offers - the currency analyzer KursExpert will help you. Using this service, you can quickly and easily find favorable offers for exchanging electronic and cash currencies you are interested in. Just select a currency you want to sell, then which, respectively - to buy, select the best exchanger and exchange it. And that's all.

Monitoring supports Cashback is a part of the money, which can be returned to you from the exchange operation in the exchanger. At the moment it is 100% of monitoring profit. 

100% cashback from monitoring profit! 💰

30% from attracted client's cashback! 💶

15% from attracted clients cashback! 💳

Try it, you'll love it.

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Regards, CSC team.

03.07.2021, 15:26