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Fitness apparel store Nike hints at integrating NFT into video games.

Fitness apparel store Nike hints at integrating NFT into video games.

The recent decline in NFT sales doesn't seem to be stopping big tech companies from exploring this digital asset.

Nike, the largest U.S. sportswear company in the world, reportedly seeks to integrate non-interchangeable tokens (NFT) into video games by displaying its branded shoes or any other object, including an "avatar," a pet, a piece of clothing or a headdress.

According to an application filed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on June 30, Nike will include some of its branded shoes or any of its "virtual objects" in the video games. Although the application was recently filed and there has been no official news, Nike's plans suggest that players will be able to purchase Nike sneakers and actually wear them in a video game.

It is currently unclear if Nike is in talks with any of the companies that will partner on this initiative. However, various sports games, including NBA 2K and FIFA , may seem like the most logical starting point for Nike to integrate NFT. 

With the proliferation of first- and third-person video games that include customizable skins, apparel and gear, there is an opportunity to engage and influence users in the digital world with collectibles so they can interact more with the brand in the physical world. Similarly, there is a need for the retailer to more directly influence or control the nature and ultimate offering of digital objects in this virtual marketplace.
Earlier this week, Web3-run firm Polkadot announced a new game console, Polium One , supporting eight blockchains and NFT, which is expected to arrive in the second quarter of 2024 .

Back in April, Sega, the Japanese video game maker, hinted at the introduction of NFT in its upcoming Supergame project, scheduled for release in the next five years.
10.06.2022, 11:59